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2013.08.23 18:33




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Place Korea House, 10, Toegye-ro 36-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Price $30
Available YES


Cancellations can be made up until PM17:00 , 1 days before the movie

한국의집 포스터.jpg


HAN-STYLE is a brand name referring to traditional korean culture, including

Hangeul(Korean alphabet), Hansik(Korean food), Hanbok(Korean costume),

Hanji(Korean paper), Hanok(Korean architecture), and Korean music.

Thanks to the Hallyu (Korean cultural wave) fever, people express great interest in Korean food. The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and Korea House jointly offer HAN-STYLE experiences for people worldwide to experience Hallyu content and Korean food.

한국의집 전경.JPG



Period        July 25 ~ December 23, 2013

(3 sessions a week : Sun., Mon., Thurs.)

Operating Hours : 16:30~19:30 (3hours)

Contents     Korean food experience (80mins)

+ Korean costume & house experience (20mins)

+ Hangeul & Korean paper experience (20mins)

+ Watching traditional Korean art performance


No. of       30 people per session

Participants  (maximum of 36 people)

Venue       Korea House (Lobby on the 1st floor of Chwiseongwan at Korean House)

Inquiries & Reservations  82-2-2266-9101~03 (Reservations required)

환벽루 야경.JPG

Korea House is a traditional Korean house with a beautiful garden located in downtown Seoul. Visitors can have traditional Korean cultural experiences such as traditional Korean food, art performances, and wedding ceremonies. It is one of Korea's famous places introduced worldwide. A must-visit course for overseas distinguished guests and famous people as well as foreign tourists, it is a favorite film location for Hallyu dramas.

한국의집 민속극장 내부.JPG

Korean food featured in the Hallyu drama “Daejanggeum”      Jul. ~ Aug.


Daejanggeum is an epic drama about the life of Janggeum. Aired on MBC TV channel from September 15, 2003 to March 23, 2004, it is one of the most representative Hallyu dramas that enjoyed huge popularity and has been exported overseas such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and USA.


Sungchae dumpling

Janggeum, the main character of the drama Daejanggeum, made this dumpling. This food is made with cabbage instead of flour, so it has been favored as healthy foods since the Joesun Dynasty.


Seasoned bamboo shoots with ripe persimmon

Hansanggung, a food teacher of Janggeum, suggested this food to check the sensitivity of taste buds of new court ladies. This food utilizes the sweet taste of persimmon.



Korean food promoted by World star “PSY”       Sept. ~ Oct.


Wrapped Kimchi & Pork slices

Wrapped Kimchi is royal court-quality kimchi made with seafood, nuts, and fruits. As a dish that goes well with wrapped kimchi, pork slices are made by boiling pork slices with fermented soybean paste, aromatic spices, and herbs to add flavor.



The most representative Korean traditional liquor made of rice contains lots of organic acid and lactic acid bacteria and has sweet and tangy flavor



Korean food most favored by foreigners        Nov. ~ Dec.




This is marinated beef grilled over charcoal. With its great smoked flavor, it is very popular among foreigners. In fact, it is US President Obama's favorite Korean dish.


Seafood and Green Onion Pancake

This pancake is made with assorted seafood and green onions. It goes well with makgeolli, the traditional Korean rice liquor.

한글쓰기 체험.JPG

한식만들기 체험 (2).JPG

한식만들기 체험 (3).JPG




Hangeul is Korea's unique alphabet created by King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty in 1443. Considered to be the most scientific, creative writing system in the world, it was included in UNESCO World Heritage in 1997.




This traditional Korean paper is recognized to be the best, longest-lasting paper in the world. According to legend, "paper lasts for thousands of years, but silk lasts only for 500 years." Hanji is a Korean cultural heritage symbolizing Korean people's strong will amid difficulties.



Korean Music

Korean music transmitted over several generations can be classified into royal court music, folk music, and local music. Korea House has been holding traditional Korean performances such as traditional Korean music, dance, and songs at its permanent performing stage for the past 32 years. Visitors can enjoy traditional Korean art.


Directions to KOREA HOUSE



Subway       Line 3, 4 Chungmuro station exit No.3

Bus             No. 02, 05, 104, 263, 421, 507, 604, 7011 Twegyero 3-ga

Address       10, Toegye-ro 36-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

(80-2, Phil-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 


 Please note that there might be possibilities of ticket cancellation under certain circumstances. In case of tickets being all sold out, you may have to change your time, date or seats. As tickets are often sold out, it is a good idea to reserve well ahead.


Also we can only offer refunds for the cancellation made at least one day before the show. (Before 5pm Korean time) Total amount of the ticket price will be charged as cancellation fee if the request made after the time noticed.







E-mail :korea@koreadmc.co.kr


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    HAN-STYLE  HAN-STYLE is a brand name referring to traditional korean culture, includingHangeul(Korean alphabet), Hansik(Korean food), Hanbok(Korean costume),Hanji(Korean paper), Hanok(Korean architecture), and Korean music. ...
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