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  1. Secretly, Greatly

    Secretly, Greatly A revolutionary fighter at the North, and a spy at the South. I was born as a wild dog and has been raised as a monster. What’s important to be a spy is vigilance. Prepared to carry out the mission, Prepared...
    Date2016.02.02 CategoryMusical Reply0 DateFeb 13, 2016 ~ Mar 20, 2016
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  2. SILLA:Basilla

    A great epic poem of the heroes of Persia and Silla connected by the sea rout 1,500 years Information of the Performance The show performance "Basilla" is the latest performance off...
    Date2015.07.08 CategoryMusical Reply0 DateApril 6 - OPEN RUN/Mon.-Fri. 2:30pm, Sat. 4:00pm, Sun. N/A
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  3. Crazy Horse Paris

    Crazy Horse Paris CRAZY HORSE PARIS, Originality of 65 Years CRAZY HORSE PARIS has been renowned as an upper class playground of celebrities from America, Europe and all over the world seeking French artistry...
    Date2015.05.11 CategoryMusical Reply0 Date2015.04.27~2015.06.30 / Mon~Sat 17:15, 20:00 /*Sun Closed
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  4. Hologram Concert GIRL STORY Concert

    Date2015.04.22 CategoryExperiencing Korea Wave Reply0 DateMon~Fri : 16:30 / Sun : 11:30 (2015/04/06~)
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  5. Hologram Musical School OZ

    Date2015.04.22 CategoryExperiencing Korea Wave Reply0 DateMon~Fri : 13:30. 19:30 / Sat : 18:00 / Sun : 14:30, 18:00 (2015/01/14~)
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  6. Original Drawing Show 《Drawing Pinocchio》

    Attention please: From the 1st of June, we won't provide our service on Mondays.
    Date2015.04.21 CategoryMusical Reply0 Date2015.04.01~
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  7. The Painters:HERO(Jeju)

    What is The Painters [HERO]? Magical Art Performance! The Painters [HERO] is an innovative art performance that stages the mind-blowing skills of live drawing with incredible visual effects filled with a witty blend ...
    Date2015.02.24 CategoryMusical Reply0 DateEveryday 17:00,20:00
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  8. The Painters:HERO

    What is The Painters [HERO]? Magical Art Performance! The Painters [HERO] is an innovative art performance that stages the mind-blowing skills of live drawing with incredible visual effects filled with a witty blend ...
    Date2015.02.24 CategoryMusical Reply0 DateMonday-Sunday: 17:00, 20:00
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  9. Dancing Grandpa over Flowers

    Dancing Grandpa over Flowers No admittance after performance’s start. In addition, due to the personal circumstances late for the performance, tickets cannot be exchanged or money refunded.
    Date2015.01.29 CategoryMusical Reply0 Date2014.04.22~OPEN RUN
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  10. Korean traditions and present coexist at "Jin Jin Bara"

    2014 'Royal Cuisine Restaurant Experience' selectionRoyal cuisine restaurant traditionally stands only for making food for the Royal Palace. It’s precious taste of the general food and the other wonderful taste the royal one will ...
    Date2014.10.15 Categoryevent Reply0 Date
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    Date2014.08.07 CategoryMusical Reply0 DateEvery Saturday at 7p.m
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  12. TAL - The legend of Tae kwon do

    Date2014.07.30 CategoryMusical Reply0 Date2014.06.28~2014.08.31
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  13. KABOOM

    “Kaboom!” They exploded! Major Korean performance teams all in one place. Their energy and passion explodes! ①Her name alone is of great value, Kolleen Park She is active as a music ...
    Date2014.06.02 CategoryMusical Reply0 DateWed, Thur, Fri at 8pm/ Sat and Sun at 3pm & 6 :30 pm/ Public Holidays at 3 pm
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  14. JUMP

    JUMP Comic Martial Arts Performance ¢ Key Talent of Show Presenting Korean new hit show, the spectacular Martial Arts Performance JUMP. This dynamic show fuses the ancient Korean fighting arts o...
    Date2014.05.02 CategoryMusical Reply0 Date* Monday: 20:00 * Tue-Sat: 17:00, 20:00 * Sunday and Holidays: 14:00, 18:00
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  15. ALIVE MUSEUM, Insadong Main Branch

    ALIVE MUSEUM, Insadong Main Branch TRICK ART Trick Art refers to a new type of experience exhibition or an art museum consisted of the contents all of which totally changed the conventional concept of art exhibition which ...
    Date2014.04.30 CategoryExhibitions Reply0 Date2014.02.28~ Open Throughout The Year
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  16. SILLA(MISO2)

    SILLA: Song in Praise of Giparang Due to the upgrade performance works we will be closed from 01/01/2015 - 05/04/2015. ● STORY Gyeongju, the ancient capital with a thousand-year hi...
    Date2014.04.22 CategoryMusical Reply0 DateMarch 20, 2014 ~ Open Run
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  17. MISO:Baebijang-jeon

    JEONGDONG THEATERMISO:Baebijang-jeon “A Must-See Traditional Performance of Korea” ○ Performance Title : MISO : Baebijang-jeon○ Time : OPEN RUN 16:00, 20:00 (Closed on Monday) ○ Production:Jeongdong Th...
    Date2014.04.15 CategoryMusical Reply0 DateApril 3, 2015 - OPEN RUN (Tuesday - Sunday 16:00 / 20:00)
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  18. Aqua Planet Ilsan

    Hanwha Aqua Planet Ilsan Healing Oasis in Urban Center Grand Opening in April, 2014 Jungle Adventure with Friends in the Sea!Let your journey begin from aqua planet Ilsan, the world’s first z...
    Date2014.04.15 CategoryFamily/Kid Reply0 DateOpen All Year Round 10 AM ~ 7 PM ( Last admission at 6 PM)
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  19. Klive, K-POP Hologram Concert

    K-POP EXPERIENCE Klive A fantastic stage combining dance performances and K-pop star concerts The Klive hologram concert is designed to involve audiences into the performance with fun stories befo...
    Date2014.04.15 CategoryExperiencing Korea Wave Reply0 DateEvery day except Mondays, Lunar New Year’s Day, and Chuseok [ 2 pm~ 9 pm]
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  20. Hwarang

    Hwarang About Hwarang The pride of Daehangno, the musical "Hwarang", is playing at Dahangno Art Madang. Hwarang has been played for more than 800 times in Daehangno and as it reaches its 1,000th performance, the musical numb...
    Date2014.04.04 CategoryMusical Reply0 DateTuesday-Friday: 20:00 / Saturday & Public Holidays 15:00, 19:00 / Sunday 15:00
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